What goes on tour, stays on tour: How to book a tour.

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Departure Point Yorkshire is a groundbreaking free emerging artist development programme.  


What goes on tour, stays on tour: How to book a tour. 

Booking a tour is a mysterious process… We are here to show you just how to go about booking in those shows, installations and performances.

Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield is giving emerging artists the opportunity to take part in a FREE intensive ten week career changing programme that aims to transform their skills, equipping them with the tools to take their work to the next level.Every Tuesday night at 18:30 between 5th July and 30th August Theatre Delicatessen on The Moor will be opening up workshops for anyone with an interest in or aspiration to work in the arts industry. Workshops will include: Marketing, Producing, Budgeting, Funding, Technical Theatre, Stage Management, Website Development, Branding and dealing with Social Media.

For more information and to register your interest join the Facebook Event 

Or send an email to Julia@theatredelicatessen.co.uk

Posted on 26th June 2016

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