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Making Ways

Making Ways have commissioned consultant Julia Bell to undertake consultation with the visual arts sector of Sheffield that will inform the development of a Visual Arts Vision for Sheffield. We aim to produce a visionary document that can be used to outline the ambition the visual arts sector and which we can deliver against in the forthcoming years.
Julia will be visiting Sheffield on a number of dates in September to undertaken consultation with individual artists and organisations. In order to be part of this consultation you need to register with her. We want as many people as possible being part of this process so make sure you sign up today – see below.
She wants to adopt an open approach to the consultation process and ensure that dialogue is transparent and collegiate and therefore plans to correspond with the sector via a regular Mailchimp newsletter. This process was adopted for similar work she delivered in the North East and proved to be an effective way of ensuring people felt updated and informed and abreast of any public consultation events.
In order to do this effectively and for YOU to be involved, we need you to sign up to the opt in form here, otherwise you will NOT receive further information or correspondence.
This link will take you to a GDPR compliant Mailchimp form.
We hope you will take this opportunity to be involved in the visual arts consultation process and help shape our vision for the visual arts in Sheffield for the future.
Really hope that you can help us shape this document.

Posted on 20th August 2018

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