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Really useful links to Artists’ Toolkits covering everything from how to approach a gallery to tax returns:
Art Quest is a brilliant website with loads of information on opportunities as well as ‘How to Guides’  and useful information on law, contracts and copyright. It provides information for artists at any stage of their career.
a-n The Artists Information Company – a-n’s Paying Artists Campaign has resulted in an Exhibition Payment Guide which provides a framework for negotiating pay when exhibiting in publicly funded galleries. Fees for other types of work, including commissions, public talks, residencies, workshops and community projects can be found in a-n’s Guidance on Fees and Day Rates. Members also have access to an artist’s fees toolkit to calculate a daily rate and a contracts toolkit to develop thinking and learning around agreeing professional arrangements.
Artists’ Toolkit: Towards Creative Partnerships:  Addo, in conjunction with the Media, Art & Design Research Centre, at Glyndwr University, have published toolkits for artists and non-arts partners to aid the development and delivery of arts projects.
The Art of Export: how to tour and grow your audiences’ abroad, produced by the creators of The Culture Diary.
Arts Council‘s Advocacy toolkit can help you make the case to your stakeholders and audiences.

Posted on 5th July 2017

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