Using Ableton Live for performance with Chrissie Caulfield

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Please note: this workshop is for women and girls only Catalyst: Festival of Creativity presents Using Ableton Live for performance with Chrissie Caulfield Age: 16+

Level: Beginner Time/Date: 10.00am-5.00pm, Sunday 30th October 2016

Venue: DINA, Cambridge Street, Sheffield, S1 4HP

Cost: Free, but registration is required: Please register here

Chrissie Caulfield is offering an overview of the Ableton Live workflow, followed by a demonstration and explanation on how to interface with hardware. You’ll have a chance to develop some of your own material, and then control it using keyboards and other kinds of external controllers. This is an informal session, providing an opportunity to ask questions and share tips on composition and performance using these kinds of live performance tools. No specific genre will be promoted as these tools offer the chance to explore a range of styles. This means that some will be interested in electronic dance music, while others are interested in ambient synthesis; the workshop is a chance to hear how different people use the technologies.

You will learn to: Use Ableton Live for a live performance Map different midi controllers to clips and effects, then use them for performance Use MIDI and audio clips and synchronise them Make your own music from existing song sessions as well as starting from scratch

Equipment: We will provide hardware and software for the workshop.  If you are able to bring your own laptop please do and we will get you up and running.  If you are not able to bring a laptop don’t worry – we will provide a computer for you to use.  It would also be great (but again not necessary) if you could bring a pair of headphones.

About Chrissie: Chrissie Caulfield has been playing violin since she was 7 and performing electronically for over ten years. She performs with solo with violin and laptop, as violinist with Helicopter Quartet, and playing synthesisers as part of CSMA. She has toured and played session for several rock bands. Chrissie is a technologist to her core and has programmed interfaces for synths and other instruments in a variety of languages and is keen to explore new ideas and technologies. While the laptop is a superbly flexible instrument, she prefers to perform away from the screen using existing, (often re-approriated, controllers) or home-written interfaces as well as hardware synths and, of course, violins.

This event is organised by Lucy Cheesman (Sheffield Hallam University/YSWN Sheffield) and Amy Beeston (University of Sheffield/YSWN Sheffield).

For any additional information on this workshop or any other of our Catalyst: Festival of Creativity events, please contact us on

Posted on 8th October 2016

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