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Sheffield has always had a rich music history and that’s something we all felt a part of growing up here and performing in the city. Despite this, there was a gap, everyone knew someone through someone. This is where UK Mondo came in just to connect all the dots.
There are 6 of us running UK Mondo. We started on the 31st October 2015 and have been broadcasting online ever since. We are based in CADS, just above The Night Kitchen. Sharing the residence with many of our artists who have their own studios in the building.
All of our shows are on Soundcloud and this is where we can track our listeners. It shows where people listen in from and this shows our audience is from Japan to Serbia, Colombia to Indonesia and everywhere in between. This is something we are going to try and capitalise on by reaching out and trying to get bits of music from all over the world.
Whilst primarily we are a station that promotes local artists, we want to stay interesting and try to spread the music as far and wide as we can. This means any artist that has music they want to share would have the opportunity to broadcast on UK Mondo. We will be using our Saturday shows as a showcase for music from all over. All of our other
shows are broadcast live from our studio.
We operate from 18:00-24:00 Monday to Friday and 12:00-24:00 Saturday and Sunday. Each show is 2 hours and we have no rules on what they can do on their show. We recently had an hour and a half stand up comedy with instrumental hiphop in the background.
A key part of this for us is ensuring the skills and knowledge is passed on. We are aiming to have a new rota, studio and website in place for the anniversary. This will have information regarding the workshops we plan to host over the next year. We want to give as much opportunity as we can to the next generation, making sure quality
music continues to come from this city.

Posted on 2nd November 2016

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