Two films by Eelyn Lee – watch online now

Casting Fu Manchu
Check out Eelyn Lee’s latest project Casting Fu Manchu – which is currently showing online as part of CAN Festival 2021. It was made in response to COVID related racism towards east and SE Asian people and explores Yellow Peril through a subversion of the fictional character, Dr Fu Manchu.

If you’d like to find out more, there is also a panel discussion about the work.

Where Two Rivers Meet
Where Two Rivers Meet
 documents a poetry project that took place in Sheffield in 2019/20. By weaving the story of the project together with the story a city responding to crisis, the film explores mutual aid, things that connect us across time and place and posits the idea of the library as a commons.

It features new poetry by local poets Joe Kriss, Rachel Bower and Kayo Chingonyi, inspired by the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms exhibition at the British Library and the communities of Sheffield. The film is narrated by Johny Pitts [Afropean], features broadcaster Silé Sibanda and community eating hub, Open Kitchen Social Club.

Eelyn Lee is an award-winning artist and filmmaker who has exhibited across the UK and internationally. Eelyn’s socially engaged practice combines collective research, devised theatre, screen writing and filmmaking to create frameworks for ensembles of collaborators to work together. Her Chinese/English heritage motivates her interest in race, identity and ’othering’.

Posted on 14th April 2021

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