The Artist's Journey #2

Making Ways

14th February
9.30 am – 6.30pm
Theatre Deli, Sheffield
The Artist’s Journey #2 will share the collective journeys of artists who have a range of practices and approaches and who continue to plot a course for their development. The talks and discussions will explore the potential of collaboration, the power of a collective voice, and ways of protecting and sustaining the freedom to make art.
This day is about looking at the substance, criticality, methods, brilliance, humour and strategies that artists use to establish themselves and to work out what we need more of, or what is missing. What does ‘continuing professional development’ mean? And how can we create advocacy to make sure that artists are supported in a way that has effect?
Artist’s Journey #2 is supported by Making Ways and is a partnership between Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network (YVAN), Rose Butler; Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University and Kerry Campbell, Public Programmes Curator at Bloc Projects, Sheffield. The cross-organisational partnership provides continuing professional development support for individual artists and small-scale, organisations and artist-led collectives in Yorkshire & Humber, addressing (but not limited to) recent graduates and early career practitioners.
Both YVAN and SIA have identified a need for continuing support for recent graduates and early career practitioners. The partnership will build on support, guidance and critical discussion, offered as part of existing courses, and compliment continuing professional development through partnership arts organisations. This work is motivated by an ongoing commitment to facilitating a rich, informed and sustainable way forward, through an approach which enhances the many different routes we might take to establish ourselves as artists.
This event is free, with refreshments and lunch provided.
Key speakers, full programme and itinerary to be announced in due course, register to reserve your place and receive programming announcements >>
A drinks reception/networking event with further refreshments will follow the conference, from 16:30 at The Holt, 156 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE.

Posted on 9th January 2019

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