The Aesthetics of Manufacture


For those who understand modern manufacture or metal working, the beauty and sophistication of the skill and practice is as compelling as the final product.  Whether it is witnessing the tacit, unfathomed connection between eye and hand or the laboratory nature of modern high performance manufacture.
Freeman College in Sheffield will be hosting a month-long celebration of the pioneering innovation between arts and advanced engineering. The programme focuses on engaging the audience in discussion of many aspects of product design and development prevalent to Sheffield.
Features will include:
The Welding Institute (Yorkshire, Advanced Manufacturing Park) will talk and present on current research techniques in 3D printing and friction stir welding.
Swann Morton (a Sheffield based global manufacturer, researcher and supplier of precision engineered medical instruments) will discuss their production process which is both highly automated but whose quality assurance involves specialist dexterity where each blade is checked three times by hand and eye.
Screening of rare archived film on the original grinding troughs at Butcher Works, presented by George Hukin. George was uncle and teacher of the last Sheffield razor grinder, Billy Hukin. Billy was filmed at work by Sheffield tool collector Ken Hawley.
Aesthetics of Manufacture 2016 is part of Sheffield Design Week.
The exhibition is organised by Freeman College in Sheffield, part of the Ruskin Mill Trust, a day and residential education facility in Sheffield. Freeman College works with young people with special and educational needs and disabilities. Combining practical skill development with therapeutic education, Freeman College has provided students who have a range of complex learning, mental health and behavioural needs with a chance to gain qualifications and valuable experience to prepare them for their future.

Posted on 20th May 2016

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