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Sheffield Design Pavilions: Sheffield Design Week 2016

The project involves creating a series of small temporary structures that will emerge across the city as part of Sheffield Design Week.

The purpose of the pavilions is to draw public and media attention to the importance of design in Sheffield and wider society, drawing on the rich design history of Sheffield Hallam University.

Each pavilion will have its own theme that reflects the key strengths of Sheffield Institute of Arts; these could be graphic design, product and furniture design, architecture and fine art. Some of the pavilions will be manned allowing people to view inside and engage with the space whilst some will be designed to be viewed externally.

The Pavilions will be destinations for conversation, interaction and discovery.   The Pavilions will be located in key visible locations in the city. The largest Pavilion will be located outside Sheffield Train Station. MADE NORTH previously placed a shipping container outside the train station during the inaugural Sheffield Design Week and attracted large audiences. Over 8 million people travel through the station every year, making the most popular place to engage with the city.

A key objective will be to provide a space where students and academics can engage with the Sheffield Design Week audience, through talks, workshops and informal conversation. The pavilion designs will respond to a brief of flexibility, durability, creativity, environmental impact and cost and will be innovative places and spaces for dialogue and creative thought. Parallel to the Pavilions will be a symposium event bringing together interest groups to hear from speakers.

The project is a collaboration between;   Patrick Murphy (Sheffield Design Week & MADE NORTH) Paul King (Undergraduate Course Leader for Architecture, SHU) Sam Vardy (Postgraduate Course Leader for Architecture, SHU)

Posted on 14th July 2016

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