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One typically expects collaborators of NASA to be studious types in white coats working for large multinational companies or possibly a celebrated university department. That a small creative digital agency with its home in Sheffield, is working with NASA, contributing to a global pioneering project is something to take note of.
This twice BAFTA winning Sheffield firm quietly delivers creative services to an international array of clients. Set up in 2003, from the founder’s kitchen table, they are now 12 people, making digital services beautiful in China, the US, and across the UK.
Rocket wears its excellence well.  As Andy Barrett, Founder of Rocket says:
“Of all the things that happened last year the most important for me was the realisation of what Rocket has become. We are an incredible world class creative agency. This bold statement feels oddly comfortable – ordinarily I wouldn’t dream of boasting such lofty claims. But this is different. I feel it’s an accurate reflection of the talent in Rocket, what we are doing, who we are collaborating with, where we are going. We’ve achieved this from our beautiful offices in the heart of leafy green Sheffield. ”

Posted on 27th May 2016

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