Points of Rupture – Phoebe Davies

Spiral Holds #02, Phoebe Davies 2020

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Points of Rupture explores tactility, training and the recovery of athletes engaged in contact sports.

Based on research with coaches, athletes and medics, this new body of work by Phoebe Davies explores the physicality and personal narratives of occupying communal and competitive spaces. The exhibition takes its points of departure from Davies’ ongoing recovery from a ligament rupture whilst playing basketball parallel to her work with a group of teenage female wrestlers, training in a local club on the outskirts of Oslo. A new moving image work documents day-to-day routines at the club, alongside combative and compassionate exchanges. Accompanying the film are a multichannel soundscape and installation employing sports aesthetics, plays and structures. This expansive sound work considers the limits of stamina, rest and physical and mental exhaustion.

Posted on 9th October 2020

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