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Platform on Tour Led by Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, and funded by the Catalyst Programme from Sheffield Hallam University, this partnership project will examine archive materials and collate stories and memorabilia from the former Post Office and its staff, to develop an exciting programme that Hallam students will bring to life in a series of exhibitions, events and performances with related outreach activities.

The proposed programme of activities and events will provide students with the opportunity to produce original art works and there will also be a series of mentorship sessions and masterclasses, led by professional artists and arts organisations from across Sheffield.

Platform 16 Platform on Tour incorporates the Platform 16 exhibition that is organised through Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union, Arts and Culture Programme. This programme offers Sheffield Hallam University students the opportunity to showcase their work and connect to the local community through projects, volunteering and partnerships.

The Platform 16 exhibition will be taken on tour around the city of Sheffield to 5 arts venues and events including the Millennium Gallery, Bank Street Arts, Gage Gallery, HillsFest16, Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union and all work will be showcased in a final exhibition at SIA Gallery in September 2016. The final exhibition is a showcase of exciting new works from Hallam students from a range of creative arts courses.

Posted on 11th May 2016

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