Photomarathon Sheffield


“Sheffield is an unconventionally beautiful city. The photomarathon is about looking at our city in new ways.”
There are few organisations that know as much about the Sheffield as Eleven Design.
Few that understand it so comprehensively. Through Our Favourite Places on a weekly basis they wolf whistle our attention to points of interest and ask us to view our city in new ways. Their back catalogue is a record of achievement for Sheffield; a catalogue of the creative vibrancy of the city.
It is fitting then that through a Year of Making commission, Eleven Design will enable us all to make our pictures of our city. Through a photomarathon, snappers, young and old, amateur and pro, will explore, focus and capture Sheffield fromdifferent perspectives.
The photomarathon will be happening in the autumn. The 150 entrants will have eight hours to take eight photographs on a set of topics based around the themes of making. The topics will explore the making heritage and futureof the city – whether that might be music to metalwork, theatre to beer.

Posted on 4th May 2016

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