Online Workshops at Museums Sheffield – Nov/Dec 2020

Still Life Lines: Mindful Drawing Classes
6-7.30pm / online / £8 per session
26 Nov

10 Dec 
17 Dec

Join practising artist and professional tutor Donna Brewins-Cook for a specialist still life drawing class hosted online.

Whatever the Weather Talk
2 Dec / 1-1.45pm / online / free
Did you know that Weston Park Weather Station is one of the longest, continuously recording weather stations in the UK? Find out more about this intriguing apparatus in a lunchtime talk with Curator of Natural Sciences at Weston Park, Alistair McLean.

Virtual Death Cafe
7 Dec / 1-2.30pm / online / free
The aim of a Death Café is to break down the taboos around discussing death, in order to help people make the most of their lives.
Founder Jon Underwood, who held the UK’s first café in his home in London, explained: “When people sit down to talk about death, the pretence kind of falls away, and people talk very openly and authentically. They say things in front of strangers which are really profound and beautiful. And for English people to do that, with our traditional stiff upper lip, is very rare.”

Posted on 25th November 2020

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