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Yorkshire Artspace is delighted to be working in partnership with MADE NORTH to launch this new annual ceramic commission for makers on Yorkshire Artspace’s Ceramic Starter Studio Programme.

The Northern Industrial Ceramic Commission provides two makers an opportunity to make new work which ‘convey a sense of northern-ness through the choice of materials or way of manufacture, that are useful and commercially viable’.

Mike Scown, one of this year’s recipients, intends to make a pared down modern tea set, comprising a simple yet rugged mug with a large, ergonomic handle, accompanied by a small dish for used teabags; reflecting the modern tea drinking ritual of a busy working life.  He is currently underway with tests to create a tea ash glaze made from varying proportions of Yorkshire Tea and clay dug from the ground in Sheffield.

Victoria Dawes is busy creating a small everyday tea-tablewares set that is both a practical and emotional response to her relationship with a former Sheffield steel worker, Dennis Black and his wife.  The “Black Ware” collection is designed for everyday use a celebration of the hard work undertaken in industry and domestic chores in the home.

The finished commissioned works will be displayed in Made North Gallery at Yorkshire Artspace’s Persistence Works form 1st June to 16th July 2016.

Subsequently touring within the UK and overseas as part of the Northern Industrial Project.

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Posted on 25th April 2016

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