Meet your Makers


“Sheffield is an assembly of tribes. I wanted to bring people together, to showcase Sheffield’s music scene and to engage new audiences.”
Sheffield electronic musician, producer and remixer Adrian Carter is making an EP to mark the Year of Making. This will be no usual assembly of musicians, but rather a collaboration of artists from different genres from across the city.
Adrian’s enterprise has drawn together artists such as Tokyojo, Bennett Holland, Jarrod Gosling, Dean Honer, Sarah Griffiths and Vanhessa Fruits, who bring a varied background of fine art, blues piano, rock guitar and a blend of other music and art production pedigrees. This collaboration marks a departure for each of them.
The EP will be distributed online through various distributors and each element of the recording construction will be available for others to use, build on and interpret in their own ways.

Posted on 20th May 2016

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