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We received 45 applications for funding and 3 x projects and 6 Research and development awards were made. Successful artists were:
Project Awards
Hannah lamb + Lucy Lound 
The project will build on Hannah’s experiences on the FABS scheme at Bloc and involvement with DB8. Hannah and Lucy will:
. take over and re-launch DB8 studios (which houses many recent graduates from the FABS scheme)
. curate two new exhibitions and
. deliver a studio exchange project – with artists from other UK studios – resulting in crits and discussion groups.
Zoyander Street 
Create six interactive portraits of transgender people based on oral history interviews carried out in Japan, for exhibition at Festival of the Mind, Roar in Rotherham and Berlin.
Tracey Holland 
Building on her Making Ways R+D project exploring ‘pepper ghost’ techniques, Tracey will exhibit a series of objects and projections which are created through reflection and refraction, appearing 3D to an audience when looking at them through a mirror. The work will be shown in Grimsby Minster and Comar in Scotland
R+D Awards
Maud Haya-Baviera 

Maud will use her R+D award to enable her to develop a video work around the legacy of the Spanish Civil War. She will visit Cinematheque Francaise and conduct a series of filmic observations and interviews with the children of Spanish Republicans.
Pauline Rignall 
Pauline’s award allows her to undertake research into pre-Christian goddess figurines at the British Museum, leading to the development of paintings based on these.
Emily Thatcher 
This grant will allow Emily to visit to Oberstien to observe and talk to master stone carvers and learn new techniques to further her gemstone carving skills. She will also be able to locate rough stone wholesalers; research gem grinding equipment and visit the German Gemstone museum.
Sarah Villeneau
Funding will allow Sarah to research and develop new work which is a significant departure for her practice, to submit to Collect Open 2019 for presentation as an installation.
Sarah Jane Palmer
This funding will allow Sarah to develop a new body of work testing and developing new techniques using a flock machine, Angel Tape and LED sheets, combined with experiments created with gold leaf and  lenticulars.
Pottery West
Funding will allow investigation into the relationship between place and material; landscape and craft, looking at local clay. Research will include a trip to local amateur potter, Nigel Cunis, who digs, processes, and throws with clay from his land in Silkstone, to learn how the clay is processed, and the particular qualities of local clay.

Image: copyright Tracey Holland

The Open Call funding forms part of Making Ways, a programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.

Posted on 7th August 2018

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