Making Performance Algorithmic and Mechanical Movement


Alex McLean is a world leading luminary in the growing movement of Algorave. Alex sits at the experimental delta of music, technology, art and performance. Algorave is the live construction of code and visual stimulation; for the audience it is about enjoying the live creative performance of the art, whether that is music or visual engagement.
For Year of Making, AlgoMech is a collaboration between Alex and Lovebytes festival, and supported by a host of other makers and organisations Рincluding Access Space, British Science Association, Algorave, Sampler Cultureclash, Sonic Patter, Sheffield Hallam University, University of Leeds, University of Sussex  and FoAM Рto celebrate making as performance. The various activities include concerts and creative workshops; Algoraves will feature, as will DJ Dadmagnet who will be building a shed to house micro workshops as a performance via his signature method of combining power ballads with power tools.
The various events each seek to examine the complex relationship between technology, widely defined, and performance.
The Festival is cofunded by Sheffield Year of Making and Arts Council England.

Posted on 20th May 2016

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