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Maker Assembly is coming to Sheffield this August.

We bring people together to have a critical conversation about making – its meaning, politics, history and future. We encourage everyone to participate by combining short talks with contributions from the attendees.

Maker Assembly is peer-to-peer, informal and conversational.

Themes planned for this event include:

Making and activism: how we can agitate, change minds, improve society

Making an impact: how makers can be successful, and what different kinds of success there are.

Making in the city: what is a “maker city”, and do we want to live in one?

We welcome anyone who’s interested in making: people who craft, design, manufacture, tinker with, engineer, fabricate, and repair physical things. Art, craft, electronics, textiles, products, robots. Hi-tech and low-tech, amateur and professional, young and old, with digital tools or by hand.

Historical perspectives, what’s happening here and now, and how things might change in the future. We aim to be diverse and inclusive. If what you make, or how you see yourself, is a little bit on the fringes, you’re doubly welcome.

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Posted on 23rd June 2016

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