HillsFest – Making Zone


Karen Sherwood runs Cupola Gallery, a contemporary art space for exhibitions and presenting various works by local artists and makers from across the city.  Karen founded the gallery 25 years ago in Hillsborough and has created a beautiful and successful space despite numerous headwinds.  Few people know that Hillsborough has the highest concentration of creative professionals than anywhere in Sheffield City Region.
For Year of Making, people will see an enormous 25 metre-wide dome hosting an array of Sheffield makers practising their skills whether silversmithing, metalworking, pottery, textiles, robotics and print making to engage the audience with. This forms part of HillsFest, a large scale celebration of music, art, creativity and making taking place in Hillsborough Park. It aims to stretch the boundaries of perceptions of the area and will likely attract up to 30,000 people over the two days.

Posted on 20th May 2016

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