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FAQ – Freelance Fund #2 Organisations

How do I know that you received my application?
You will get an email to let you know that I have successfully received your application. We try to respond as quickly as possible but there might be some delay. If you still haven’t received an email five days after you submitted your application, please contact Janet Jennings janet.jennings@sheffieldmuseums.org.uk to check its arrived.

We will let you know if there are any issues with the form; if, for example, we can’t open the file, and allow you to resubmit but, as all applications are treated fairly, we can’t give any specific advice on things you might do to improve it.

As we get towards the deadline, and more applications arrive, response might be further delayed. If you send your application in on the 06 September (deadline day), please contact Janet Jennings if you have not had an email to say that we have received this by midday Wednesday 08 September.

Can I attach extra information to the application?
No. Please send links to your website or other links to give examples of or additional information about your organisations’ work.

Are there alternative ways to apply, if we find completing the form problematic?
Yes. We are committed to ensuring this fund is open and accessible to all arts organisations in Sheffield and realise some people may find that there are barriers to applying for this grant.

If you experience or expect any barrier with making your application and would like support or help in applying, please contact Janet Jennings (Janet.Jennings@sheffieldmuseums.org.uk) to discuss this further, and identify an option that works best for you.

Where is Sheffield?
In this instance Sheffield is marked by the City Boundary, not the S postcode.

How do I check if I’m inside Sheffield City Boundary?
This map gives you a good idea of the area, but if you are unsure or are on the border, Sheffield City Council also have this searchable map of their Electoral Wards, where you can tap in your postcode. If this is not recognised – you are not in the City Boundary.

Why is this fund so specific to Sheffield City Boundary – I fall just over the border… will I still be eligible?
Funding is for organisations based in Sheffield – this is not the S postcode or Sheffield City Region – but located within Sheffield City Boundary. Contributions to the fund are from Sheffield City Council and these come with strict guidance on where spend can be allocated. Unfortunately, if you fall outside of the boundary, you are ineligible.

If my organisations is successful, will we get the total amount I applied for?
In this strand you can apply for up to £15k. There is a total budget of £30k and we are expecting to make 2 or 3 awards.We are trying to support as much activity as we can through this fund, as such successful applicants might get a little less than asked for, if this feels like an appropriate decision. Therefore, while the Panel won’t be taking an ‘all or nothing’ approach, neither are they aiming to give everyone ‘just a little bit’ as we don’t believe spreading funds thinly is the best way to make a difference.

How much should I apply for?
Do I need to include a breakdown budget?
Apply for what you need, rather than what is available. The amount you apply for should reflect the activity you have outlined in your application.

Please provide a simple breakdown of the budget indicating the amount you are applying for, any other income and detailing expenditure. Make sure the budget balances.

Can funding be used to match other funding application?
Yes, if successful you could use the funding to apply for more funding from other sources, such as Arts Council England.

Do we need match funding?
No, you don’t need match funding for this application. Your application will be considered on its strengths in meeting the funding aims and we will look at applications as a whole, and the context you are operating in, and not just your finances.

Your application may be strengthened if you identify you have match funding alongside a clear plan to maintain and manage equipment going forward.

My Organisation is VAT registered – do we include VAT in the budget?
Yes, please include VAT.

What type of Equipment was identified in Round 1?
The following equipment was requested by a number of applicants in Round 1. We will endeavour to provide more details on this with regards to types of artform worker requesting the equipment and why ASAP. If you can demonstrate what the freelancers you currently work with require, this will support your application.

Tech, film, video + photography
Laptops (especially MacBooks) + ipads
Video editing software and access to Adobe Creative Cloud
Lights, Webcam, Photographic lenses, tripod, steadycam
Photographic darkroom

Performance + Sound
Microphones, Microphone headsets
Wireless video transmitters
mixing desk

Ceramics, Metalwork + craft
Potters Wheel / small kiln
Jewellry and silversmithing tools (specific)

When Can I apply?
The application process opens on July 20th and you can apply any time after this.

When is the deadline?
The deadline for application is 9am Monday 6 September 2021.

When will decisions be made?
We will endeavour to inform people whether they have been successful by Friday 8 October. If this timescale slips, you will receive an email to inform you of this and tell you the new proposed decision date.

If you still have specific questions on the scheme about eligibility or other concerns that aren’t covered here, please email janet.jennings@sheffieldmuseums.org.uk

Please be aware that Janet is unable to review applications or suggest how you might improve these or what you should apply for. This is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest and all applications are treated fairly.

Posted on 19th July 2021

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