Fact from Fiction – Stephen Todd

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“Good story telling is about drawing readers in; making it personal and, more importantly, not telling the reader what to think.”

Stephen Todd’s practice has always been rooted in narrative.

Water is very much in evidence in Stephen’s images as source, storyteller and purveyor of history. Working on Bockingford 425g/m2 paper he layers marks, colours and forms using gouache, indian ink, pastel and graphite to conjure images from Greek Mythology as well as other histories and imaginings, onto the very real presence of the Humber estuary.

For Stephen, the titles are a crucial starting point in navigating the work. Like the first line of a story, they are something that opens up all sorts of possibilities without defining them of closing them off.

“You don’t find meaning in looking into yourself alone, but in seeing yourself in the world around you: its past, present and future; and the relationships that surround you. “ Stephen Todd

Posted on 9th October 2020

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