Creative Growth: A Catalyst festival event


A partnership between Ignite Imaginations and Sheffield Hallam University is offering a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their professional and enterprising skills in the development and delivery of their own creative workshop to a community group of their choosing.
A full one-day workshop was planned for the 28 September in Sheffield Hallam’s Careers and Employability centre. Students from all faculties at the University were able to get involved.
The students have been supported throughout this venture by Ignite Imaginations and two practicing artists who have extensive experience of delivering creative-based workshops in the local community.
They will work on their creative workshop throughout October and early November before delivering within the community during Global Entrepreneurship Week (14–17 November 2016) as part of a range of activities, events and competitions that the Enterprise Team will be hosting during this week; promoting the value of creativity, innovation and being enterprising.
Ignite Imaginations is a small arts charity based in Sheffield. We aim to celebrate and connect communities through art and creativity. Through high quality workshops we want to ignite imaginations, and support individuals to gain new skills and confidence.
Catalyst Festival of Creativity, which is part of Sheffield’s wider Year of Making, is taking place until November with 28 different creative projects over the course of eight months.

Posted on 2nd November 2016

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