Crafty Elephant at the Butcher Works

Past Events

Experience!  Watch!  Taste!  Try!  Wonder!  Discover!  Hear!

Silver glows red under flame, melts and flows and is hammered into objects of beauty. Greenwood is ‘turned’ and changed – a chair is born. Copper spins before your eyes and a shining goblet emerges Metal is forged – hammer blows beat out a spoon.. Wool is woven, sumptuous cloth inches forth from warp and weft Images appear as if by magic.

Meet and talk with the makers of today – magicians of metal and material, keeping old skills alive and moving into the future.

Try your hand at making something yourself.

See the Elephant.

Listen to makers of music and song.

Join in!

Hear tales and poems of making. Draw, write, respond. Take a taster singing lesson Taste freshly baked artisan cakes and bread.   Dive into the history of cutlery making (and some dark secrets) in Sheffield. Spy old grinding troughs where knife blades were fashioned. Discover a beautiful old corner of Sheffield – and make memories of your own.

Posted on 18th June 2016

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