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Conflux is a video work for one audience member which connects literature, music and visual art with the role of the spectator, focused on the unseen connections between the three disciplines in the language we have unknowingly chosen to encode our representations. All 3 include a-f.  Occasionally, all three coincide, creating a word, melody and colour set, however incongruously or inappropriately. These connections represent the infinite number of proverbial trees falling in the woods; inaudibly, colourlessly and without semantic definition. The audience is the temporary witness to this silent, invisible unarticulated connection; a channel which re-closes when the audience leaves. Conflux appears in the Bank Street Arts section of Wrought, Sheffield’s one-to-one and micro-audience performance festival, and is free to experience (to buy tickets for other Wrought performances, see the website).

Posted on 11th April 2016

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