BIG DANCE: Destination Forward

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Destination Forward is choreography inspired by and a response to the ideas used in the Big Dance UK performance piece that explores themes of journey and migration.

Big Dance is a biennial festival organised by the organisation, People Dancing: foundation for community dance, and is led by the Mayor of London working in partnership with dance networks from leading dance organisations across the UK and takes place over a week from 2-10th July 2016.

Organisations, artists, groups and teachers are all invited to take part and organise an event that inspires people to get dancing.

Back in May 2016, Sheffield dance groups kicked off Big Dance by performing The Big Dance Pledge at The Moor, Sheffield.

The Big Dance Weekend 2016 is a celebration of people dancing on Saturday 2 – Sunday 3 July 2016. Along with other Sheffield dance groups, dancers from the Dance Network Sheffield Adult Beginner Contemporary group (Connections Dance Project) will be performing at Sheffield’s Chance To Dance festival this month.

Connections Dance Project is made up of community performers from our adult contemporary dance group. These sessions focus on body-conditioning with flowing dynamic contemporary dance sequences that encourage co-ordination, creativity and free movement.

Destination Forward choreographed by Tara Baker (Dance Network Sheffield), original choreography Akram Khan (Big Dance)

For more information about Big Dance visit:


Barkers Pool – 2pm

Winter Gardens – 3pm

Workshop opportunity – 12noon, Channing Hall (all levels welcome to take part in a free 45min dance workshop)

Want to take part? The Big Dance Pledge performance piece will be opening the Chance To Dance festival this year and your invited to take part. Anyone can join rehearsals and take part in this easy to learn choreography led by dance artist, Nisha Lall. Rehearsals for main big dance pledge choreography: TUESDAYS 21st June 28th June Croft House, Garden Street, Sheffield, s1 4bj 7:45pm – 8:30pm £4 (joining fee)

Posted on 13th June 2016

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