At Your Service by Mir Jansen

Making Ways

Yorkshire Artspace, Persistence Works, Brown Street, Sheffield, S1
September 27th – October 4th
Mir Jansen’s exhibition will feature a number of portrait paintings of European employees at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. As Brexit news hits the headlines daily, and as the National Health Service celebrates it’s 70th birthday this month, the work is particularly timely. Mir shares the details and fragments of individuals’ lives working in the National Health Service today, and celebrates what unites as well as what sets them apart.
Over the course of one year she interviewed a number if European employees of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, asking all of them the same 6 questions.

“I wanted to know if the feelings I experienced on 23rd June 2016 were shared by others. I also wanted to find out if these feelings had changed over the last 2 years and if the city that voted predominantly to leave the European Union is still seen as a city in which they feel they belong”.
“The NHS must be one of the most culturally diverse organisations in the country and yet in the referendum there was no mention of how dependent it was on the skills and hard work of immigrants. This uniquely British institution has just celebrated its 70th anniversary on 5th July. I wanted to find out what they loved about the NHS, as well as what their concerns were for its future. This exhibition is a tribute to both, a portrait of them at our service.”

You can read more about how this exhibition is coming together, and the artist’s thoughts on the work in the run up to the opening, as well as beautiful snippets of the work itself, here on her blog.
At Your Service forms part of Making Ways, a new programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.

Image credit: Mir Jansen

Posted on 27th July 2018

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