Artist-Led Mentoring Scheme

Making Ways

Deadline for applications:Midnight 9 September
Funding available: £600
Making Ways are inviting applications for a new Artist-led mentoring scheme. We anticipate 4 artists being selected, but this may increase if we receive a high number of quality applications that we would like to support.
This initiative will aims to allow Sheffield based visual artists to devise their own mentoring opportunity by inviting a mentor of their choice to Sheffield to support, advice, critique and feedback on their practice, whilst also allowing the wider visual arts community in Sheffield to benefit from the mentor visiting the city.
Details of the programme
Each artist/maker will receive a budget of £600 to devise a bespoke mentoring scheme. This should include:
– Identifying a mentor they wish to work with, and how/why this might be a suitable person to help advise on their work;
– Inviting the mentor to Sheffield.
– Devising an event which widens the engagement with the mentor to a group of visual artists in Sheffield.
The content of both the individual mentoring and the event is flexible and can be shaped to fit individual artist’s needs, and/or those of the identified artist’s group – however it might include; 121s; an artist’s talk; portfolio sessions, studio visits, curatorial advice or support and/or networking activity. Other suggestions welcome.
Although the suggested mentor can come from Sheffield, the scheme is hoping to increase networks and opportunities for artists to meet key contacts outside the city.
Proposals will need to consider where events might take place and how other Sheffield based visual artists are invited to this activity. Making Ways can help with this, but you can also work in collaboration with existing events, festivals, crit groups  and/or arts organisations in the city.
Download full information on how to apply here
The Artist-led mentoring Scheme forms part of Making Ways, a programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.

Posted on 7th August 2018

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