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Making Ways

Art Walk 4 will take in Construction House, a substantial group show at S1 Artspace; ‘Liquid Crystal Display’ at the newly reopened Site Gallery and revisit Persistence Works for an exhibition of new work by Sheffield-based artist Mir Jansen. The walk will be led by Paul Evans, a multi-portfolio practitioner based at Persistence Works, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield.

 ‘Construction House’ at S1 Artspace
Construction House is a programme of exhibitions and events by S1 Studio Holders to explore the current role, possibilities and responsibilities of collective artist activity today. This project will specifically reflect upon the philosophy and relevance of the influential Bauhaus movement to address important issues for today’s practicing artist and contemporary society. More info here.

‘Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)’ at Site Gallery
Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) proposes that we are living in a world of images supported and circulated by crystal mineral technologies. Building on the work of leading contemporary artists of our time, LCD suggests we now inhabit a ‘crystal era’. Historically associated with mystical healing, gazing and alchemical practices, crystals are prevalent in computers, mobile phones and state-of-the-art projection and medical equipment. At the heart of a laser-beam is a vibrating crystal; touch-screen technologies are enabled by liquid crystals and the optical cables that keep us connected are the antecedents of experiments with this extraordinary material substance. More info here.

Mir Jansen ‘At Your Service’ at Yorkshire Artspace Persistence Works
Presenting portraits of European employees from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, telling the stories of where they came from and what they love about this city. ‘At Your Service’ will feature a number of portrait paintings of European employees at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.This thought provoking exhibition shares the details and fragments of individuals’ lives working in the National Health Service today, and celebrates what unites as well as what sets them apart. More info here.

Photo: Liquid Crystal Display at Site Gallery

Art Walks are form part of Making Ways, a programme supported by Sheffield Culture Consortium through Arts Council England to showcase, celebrate and develop the exceptional contemporary visual art produced in the city.

Posted on 5th September 2018

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