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The Archive Sheffield team return to Regather works on 21st April to launch The Living Archive, a four month long project bringing new documentary work about the city of Sheffield to the people of Sheffield in a series of free print publications, publicly facing exhibitions and film screenings all over the city.

We will be bringing the first of four newspapers including new photography stories, will present a programme of new contemporary films about the place we live in along with a selection of visual treats from the city archive and will hold an open discussion to talk about Archive Sheffield’s work documenting the city.

The newspapers will soon appear all over the city, in cafes, pubs, hospitals, waiting rooms, places of worship and much more, bringing the visual arts out of the galleries and into the wider public realm, making links to celebrate the past, present and future of the place we call home.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The evening’s programme will include:

***Melt Shop Andy Brown and Nathan Gibson’s poetic and dramatic depiction of large scale steel making presents a poignant and topical view of a changing industry. It is a common belief that steel is no longer really made in South Yorkshire. The reality, though, is that more steel is made here than ever before, albeit in an industry that has evolved radically over the past few decades. Very high quality steel is now produced by mulitinational companies such as Tata Steel, which is headquartered in Mumbai. Andy Brown and Nathan Gibson visited their plant on the outskirts of Rotherham to document the process of contemporary steel making.

***Canvas of Voices : Young People and Politics In Gemma Thorpe’s tender and insightful short film a group of young people demonstrate that far from being disengaged and disinterested in politics and political opinion, they are switched on, articulate, straight-talking, would rather hang out with Barack Obama than David Cameron, and there’s no way they wouldn’t vote in the next election.

***Premiere: THIS IS AWESOME Presented publicly for the first time, THIS IS AWESOME centers around the National Community Wrestling Alliance – South Yorkshire’s best and most exciting wrestling collective. The result of a year long relationship between the group and film making photographer Nathan Gibson, the film investigates the meaning of friendship, community and the perfection of an art form.

Additions to the programme and special guests will be announced in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled!

**** Tickets: Free Entry. Registration is required as we’re expecting this to be a busy one. If you register and can’t make it, no problem just let us know so we can re-release your ticket. Thanks ***

Posted on 8th April 2016

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