There are just a few days left to enter the 2Weeks2MakeIt competition by South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network.
The competition is not just a chance for filmmakers and musicians to win a prize, it has become a great way to get a foothold in the filmmaking industry, boost profiles, make connections with other creative people and learn new skills.
The competition, which is open for applications until Friday, 8 April, sees filmmakers paired at random with local musicians. The two parties must work together to produce a music video in just a fortnight.
We spoke to Rob Speranza, who set up the South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network a decade ago, to find out more about the group, 2Weeks2MakeIt and filmmaking in the area.
“The network has blossomed,” says Rob.
“It is the largest network of its type outside of London with over 1,800 involved. It just shows that there are so many people working in film, TV, motion pictures, photography and music in this area.”
The network is designed to support aspiring filmmakers but also nurture talent and help develop careers in the sector.
“Over the years, watching the creative media industries develop in this area has been fascinating. It really is burgeoning right now – you’re seeing feature films, commercials and big projects as well as small projects popping up every few weeks.
“The amount of support here shows that you don’t have to run off to London to get work.”
Rob says the 2Weeks2MakeIt competition is a good reflection of the amount of creativity and talent in the area.
“The standard of equipment which is readily available has improved, but the quality of the films which are made in that two week period are getting better and better and better,” he says.
“But we’re also getting better and better musicians taking part and it’s great to see.”
To enter the competition or for more information about South Yorkshire Filmmakers’ Network, visit http://www.syfn.org.
See the video below for more from Rob Speranza and some of the best entries from last year’s 2Weeks2MakeIt competition.

Posted on 4th April 2016

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